Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)

OFA is designed to:
-Organize large amounts of software
-Facilitate routine administrative tasks
-Facilitate switching between multiple Oracle databases
-Manage and administer database growth adequately
-Help eliminate fragmentation of free space

OFA is a method for configuring the Oracle database and other databases. OFA takes advantage of the capabilities of the OS and disk subsystems to create an easy-to-administer configuration that allows maximum flexibility for growing and high-performance databases. The methods described here are the basics of OFA.

OFA is designed to:
Organize large amounts of complicated software and data on the disk to avoid device bottlenecks and poor performance
Facilitate routine administrative tasks, such as software and data backup, which are often vulnerable to data corruption
Facilitate switching between multiple Oracle databases
Adequately manage and administer database growth
Help eliminate fragmentation of free space in the data dictionary, isolate other fragmentation, and minimize resource contention
For details about the goals and implementation of OFA, refer to the Oracle Installation Guide for UNIX Systems.